Gorman-Rupp factory tours highlight their commitment to quality, serviceability, reliability, testing procedures, new product development, investment in facilities, and customer service.

The visit will include the following:

  • A tour of Gorman-Rupp's facilities including the highly automated machine shop with robotic machining of pump parts, pattern shop, pump assembly, spare parts inventory, pump testing, pumping station assembly and electrical panel shop.
  • Discussions of packaged pumping stations including materials of construction, ancillary components, control panels, electrical components, motors, level control systems and alarms.  
  • Demonstrations of pump maintenance features.
  • Discussions of Gorman-Rupp’s quick parts shipment policy, total pump station warranty program, and complete pump station testing process.
  • Discussions of system design and typical wastewater pump applications. 
  • Hydraulic demonstrations.
  • Demonstrations of damaging pump operating conditions. 
  • Continuing education credits are available.

Demonstrations are conducted in a fully equipped pump room complete with full sized pumps, variable speed drives, glass suction and discharge piping, pressure monitors, level sensors and flow meters.

For information on Gorman-Rupp factory tours, please call us at

(800) 733-7884.